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Hi all,

I have used Enrico' s script (with minor changes) and was able

to deliver a gcc cross compiler m68k-coff under solaris_sparc_2.6

thanx for Enrico, and the rest of the people who have help me so far.

I am trying to do the same (m68k-coff under WINNT), using the same

script. -- I dont see any reason not to.

First, my directory is:

                              binutils-2.10/ unpacked
                              gdb-5.0/ unpacked
                              gcc-2.95.2/ unpacked
                              newlib-1.8.2/ unpacked


changes I have made:
machine=pentiumpro     - otherwise, I get INVALID i686-pc-cygwin

Results: binutils-2.10 - successfull
         gcc-2.95.2    - failed (libtool command not found)

Q: is my change for --host=pentiumpro is legal?

Q: how come I pass the binutils, but failed with gcc?


You can run the script './config.sub' first, to see your host or even target
 has been supported or not.

BTW, I set my host 'i586-pc-cygwin'

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