building gcc m68k-coff

ron tal
Wed Oct 11 09:53:00 GMT 2000

CrossGCC FAQ: "How to configure, build, and install GCC as cross-compiler"
This is the document that I have been working all along for the past week,
which did NOT lead to any progress.

It seems to me at this point that there is really NO absolute
reliable documentation for how to configure, build, and install

I would like to know: what is the likelyhood that someone who grabs
this document and follow the procedure, will get a working version
in his 1st trial (or, second)?

from my exeperience, searching in all kinds of FAQ, for suitable
document to answer for clean answer of how to configure/build/install
the gcc as cross-compiler, the answers varies so much, and the patches
the each one of you had to work around are huge.

We all know that working with a new tool at first time is the hardest thing;
especially, when working with an open source that can be touched
and changed by many people. I get advices from you, according for your
experience with the gcc configure; with luck, we are working on the same
platform and having the same problem.

I am so frustrated from all of this.
I will put down as much info as I can (detailed) and I would expect
to get an inteligent answer for what I should do, and why I should do
that...without understanding of the the reasoning, I would be lost.

I am working on sun_sparc_solaris computer, and I would like to get a
cross compiler for the m68k-coff cpu.
that what I have in my direcory:


                 newlib-1.8.2/      unpacked
                 gdb-5.0/           unpacked
                 gcc-2.95.2/        unpacked
                 binutils-2.10/     unpacked

                 build-binutils/    empty
                 buils-gcc/         empty
                 build-newlib/      empty
                 build-gdb/         empty

I am quoting from the documnt:
( )

cd /home/foo
i=$prefix/bin      --> what is the use of i???

mkdir build-binutils build-gcc build-newlib build-gdb

cd build-binutils
../binutils-2.9/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix -v

make all install

Q: can someone take the time and give me a specific details of what I need
to change to be able to pass this stage (I am not talking
yet of the next steps).

the major problem I was facing:  argv.c lines 38,39 : <stdlib.h>
<string.h> could Not be find.

I was suggested to do:

--with-headers /newlib/libc/include    which copied the directory
but still did not solved the problem.

I am sure that alot of people here dealt with this kind of problem,
and I suggest that we should strive to have a least one
documet that is reliable enough to the gcc beginners.

thanx, ronen.

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