Help building a mipsel-r3000-elfl compiler

Tom Wilson
Fri Oct 6 10:04:00 GMT 2000

At 19:42 06/10/2000 +0300, you wrote:
>Tom Wilson wrote:
> > 2)built i586-pc-linux-gnu host to mips-r3000-elfl binutils with
> > --prefix=/usr/local/mips-r3000-elfl
> > 3)configured  gcc 2.96.2... thus:
> >
> > --target=mipsel-r3000-elfl
> > --prefix=/usr/local/mipsel-r3000-elfl
> >
> > (as recommended by faq)
>  Cannot believe... Did the FAQ really say that you are allowed or
>recommended to use different names for the install root, '--prefix=...' ?
>Or was this just a typo?

I don't want to mess with the current compiler i.e use two versions.

> > That went ok...
> >
> > I try to build using make all but get various problems along the way, 95%
> > of which are just sym link problems.
>  The rule which the FAQ should have told is that the installation of the
>target stuff happens under the $prefix/$target, so if you use a different
>values for the '--prefix=...'es, the binutils stuff will be installed into
>a place where GCC cannot find it... I remember you having problems with the
>'xgcc' not finding the target 'as', because you used the default prefix
>(/usr/local) for binutils and something else for GCC...
> > I acn get as far as the test stage of the build then get an error message
> > about the newly built compiler not producing execututables.
>  Please explain which kind of system you think the 'mipsel-r3000-elfl' to
>be ?  Ok, a R3000-compatible CPU and little-endian ELF object format but
>what is the opsys or the I/O-structure in your board ?  Where does your
>'Hello World' write the message? And what is the memory layout for your

It doesn't actually matter this compiler will never be actually used on a 
real target.  I am building this so that I can get a Makefile for 
libstdc++v3 which I can then mess with so that it will build for a 
comparable target under a Win32 host.  It may seem  a long way round or a 
silly thing to do, but not from where I'm sitting.

I just need a working compiler so that all the libstdc++v3 config scripts 
don't bomb out ahlfway through.

If you have a better suggestion then I would appreciate the help.

>   When you have these things clear, you perhaps will find the glue libraries
>for the supported MIPS-boards, select someone of them for the extra one for
>linking, besides only the 'libc.a', then select the linker script for the
>same board and get the memory layout from it. When everything is set for
>a known target, then the compiler can produce executables for it. The default
>settings are in the 'specs' file ('.../gcc/specs' during the build) and the
>essential specs are the '*link:' and the '*lib:'. To the first you add the
>linker script name and to the second the glue library name. Something like:

Any old glue libraries that would work, will do.

Where do I get them?

> > The aim of this is to build libstdc++v3 for the mips target.
>  Just tell what happens... I remember the 'mipstx39-elf' (probably also the
>'mipstx39el-elf') working with C++, but not 'mips-elf' (or 'mipsel-elf') if
>built from the gcc-2.95.2 sources... Your mystic 2.96.2 can work or not...

The mystic 2.96.2 was a typo I am actually using gcc 2.96-20000731 
(experimental) the dot between 2.96 and 2 was a slip of the keyboard.

Thanks for your help


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