Help building a mipsel-r3000-elfl compiler

Tom Wilson
Fri Oct 6 06:08:00 GMT 2000


I am attempting to build a cross compiler, from host i586-pc-linux-gnu to 
mipsel-r3000-elfl.  I don't seem to be having any luck.  Has anyone else 
managed to get this working?

I am using redhat 6.2 with gcc 2.96.2...(experimental compiler)  (I also 
tried this using gcc 2.95.2 to no avail)

I am using the source code for gcc 2.96.2 (and have also tried with 2.95.2)
I don't have any special mipsel-r3000-elfl stuff set up any where it is 
just a clean redhat install
with the compiler source in my home directory.

The steps I have taken so far are:

1)built a i586-pc-linux-gnu version of the binutils 2.9.5 (just to update 
my system)
2)built i586-pc-linux-gnu host to mips-r3000-elfl binutils with 
3)configured  gcc 2.96.2... thus:


(as recommended by faq)

That went ok...

I try to build using make all but get various problems along the way, 95% 
of which are just sym link problems.  I acn get as far as the test stage of 
the build then get an error message about the newly built compiler not 
producing execututables.

The aim of this is to build libstdc++v3 for the mips target.

thanks for any help


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