M68K Simulation recommendations?

Christopher Bahns chris@bahns.com
Tue Oct 3 10:45:00 GMT 2000

I am working on a project that involves three boxes communicating with
each other over standard data links (RS232, RS485, and other similar
links). There is a display (with an associated LCD panel and keypad), a
communications adapter (three or four different communication
interfaces), and a controller (the one that does all the work). Two use
a Motorola 68306 (68EC000 core) and the other uses a Motorola 68331
(CPU32 core).

I want a simulation environment/framework that allows me to run the
entire system, including simulations for all associated devices and
communication links, under Windows NT 4.0, preferably, but I may be
interested in software that runs on other systems so I can find out if
and when it might be ported to NT (perhaps I can).

I *think* I'm looking for something that already provides simulation for
the processor itself, and I just have to implement simulations of my
devices and communications interfaces in a way that is compatible with
the given simulation. Even, better, I'd like to find a embedded
simulation solution that is a bit of a standard, so that perhaps my
device manufacturers (e.g. Seiko makes the LCD panel) may be inclined to
implement their device simulations to benefit all of their customers.

I have done a bit of research, and found some promising results (BSVC,
diab-sds, and maybe a couple of others), but BSVC is naturally free and
unsupported (which might be ok -- it uses Tcl/Tk which I have not yet
learned), and the information on the commercial products all claim
theirs to be the best (the SDS products sound promising but are probably
expensive). I might be willing to spend some money, but more on the
order of hundreds (or "a hundred") as opposed to thousands.

So, can anyone share any real-world experience? I don't think I need a
cycle-accurate simulator, since I assume that the complexity of such
simulators would demand a high price.

I shall continue my research and listen to any responses. I'll post back
if I find anything interesting.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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