S Records and GCC

robert floyd robertfloyd1@home.com
Sun Oct 1 19:56:00 GMT 2000

I recently created a cross-compiler for a Hitachi SH1 using binutils-2.9.1,
egcs-1.1b, and newlib-1.8.1 .

Host=i586-pc-linux-gnu, target=sh-hms.

My problem is that when I create an s-record (-oformat srec) there are four
S2 data lines at the beginning of the SRecord that I don't know why or what
it is.  My lst file begins at 001040 with my program but the actual Srecord
begins at 001000 with these additional lines of data.  Does anyone know what
all the additional info is and where I might go to learn more about this?


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