C++ and Java on ARM

Rod Stewart stewart@nexus.carleton.ca
Wed Nov 22 10:13:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Bogdan Diaconescu wrote:

> A few days ago I was starting with a new project based on an
> EP7209/EP7212-ARM board. In order to install Linux on this board I compilled
> and installed binutils-, gcc-2.95-2 using LANGUAGES="c", and
> libc-2.1.3 on a RH6.0 Linux box. Everything was ok and I did succeed to
> compile and run arm-linux on arm board.
> Now I'm intersted in having "c++" and "java" support in my cross-compiler.
> As I've read in documetation I should use the new built cross-compiler to
> compile gcj and so on. I set AS, AR, RANLIB, CC, ... to the just created
> cross-compiler tools but it doesn't work.
>  Did anybody try this? Do you have some helpfull links to guide me? Any
> information will be useful to me.

You should be able to build C++ without much trouble.  The Java support in
GCC is not complete for ARM, at the moment (in the mainline or 2.95.x).
libgcj (Java runtime library) does not work completely on ARM.


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