Questions about i386-elf-gcc

Jonathan Larmour
Thu Nov 16 15:32:00 GMT 2000

> Ezequiel Conde wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have built a coss-compile tools chain for i386-elf according to instructions.

I presume you are intending to use this with eCos rather than a "general
purpose" compiler?

> I did some experiences and, in general, they work well. But I found three
> differences relatively to the documentation, and I don't now if it is a
> feature or it is a bug.

What documentation? You mention GNUPro documentation, but that does not
cover the i386-elf toolchain so what exactly do you mean?
> 1º - The symbols marked with extern "C", produced by the compiler, don't
> have underscore.

Indeed they should not.

> 2º - The main function don't call __main at the beginning.

Indeed it shouldn't. It happens that way on some targets, but not i386-elf.

> 3º - When using exceptions, and when an exception is threw, the function
> terminate is always called. The catch construct never acts.

Don't know about that :-/. You would need to debug more.

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