ARM7TDMI/At91M40xxx on At91EB01 with Angel monitor

Richard Earnshaw
Mon Nov 13 01:48:00 GMT 2000 said:
> I have found a crt0.S file in      arm-uc-libc.tar.gz and in     tar:/
> home/yo/uC-libc-310899.tar.gz Does this file (see below) work with the
> angel debug monitor? I am really  afraid to delete in 
> environ:
> 	.long 0
> 	.text
> __start:
> 	nop
> 	nop
> 	movea.l %d5, %a5
> 	move.l 8(%sp), %d5
> 	move.l %d5, environ(%a5)

This isn't ARM code, so it won't work on your board.


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