OSE and the GNU tools?

Paul Gadd pgadd@bluews.com
Thu Nov 9 05:38:00 GMT 2000

> > "Clayton, Mark" wrote:
>> > 
>> > Hello,
>> > 
>> > Is anyone using gcc and friends with OSE on a PowerPC?
>> > I need to use OSE on a FADS860/850 SAR board.  I'd rather
>> > not have to use Greenhill or Diab, since I already use
>> > gcc on Linux for a bulk of my development.
>> I'm not sure what OSE is, but I'm using the gnu toolchain for MPC850
>OSE is an RTOS from Enea (www.enea.com).  Currently, is compatible
>with Diab and Greenhills on the PowerPC and uses either Microsoft VC++
>or GNU for their soft kernel, a Windows NT simulator. 
>I was hoping someone had already gone through the trouble to figure
>out how to build OSE with the GNU tool chain for a PowerPC target.


my question is a little off the CrossGNU context (apologies) - but 
follows on from the thread posted. I was surfing the net for mailing 
lists related to OSE (rtos) by Enea, and this thread came up.

Are you aware of any mailing list for OSE by Enea? I have the task
of converting a software system currently running on Vxworks, to OSE
and the model we use seems to be undocumented in OSE manuals (which
personally I find quite unhelpful).

We purchased OSE 4.2 from Enea, and then Green Hill's compiler in order
to compile code for the Power PC Motorola MPC750 processor. I've got a
simple example up and running.

In addition if you are aware of any white papers, documentation on 
developing OSE based systems, I'd be very grateful.

By the way, is it fairly easy to port over to Gnu rather than using 
Green Hills?

Best regards,


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