R: GNU C/C++ for the C16x microcontrollers

Dott. Ing. Pietro F. Maggi p.maggi@studiomaggi.com
Wed Nov 1 22:38:00 GMT 2000

Uenal S. Mutlu wrote:

> Has anyone experience with using the GNU C/C++ compiler
> for embedded systems based on the Siemens/Infineon C16x
> (ie. C166, C167) microcontrollers and could show me the
> first steps in transferring the compiled result onto the board?
> I have got some difficulties using the built-in boatloader of the uC.
> So, I'm looking for an "upload" utility over the serial line. I don't
> want attach a parallel HW/SW debugger using a "monitor" program;
> simply upload and execute the code on the uC.
> The tool should preferrably operate using 115200 bps or should
> allow me setting the local and remote baud rates to some other
> value.
Such a tool is indipendent of the compiler you are using if you can get an
.HEX file of your program.
Usually you get a boot loader with any evaluation board you buy or, if you
build the board yourself, you have to put together such a tool (boot micro
with pin P0L.4 low, send a NUL at a given bps to the micro, and this will
reply with it's ID code, and so on).
Usually the tool download a program to the board that handle Flash upload;
this code has to handle the specific data lenght of the bus, and the program
algorithm of the used flash.

> BTW: I found only a limited GNU compiler for the C16x (ie. it's
> a demo). Maybe someone can show me where to find an unlimited
> version.

At the same page where is available the demo version is available a source
version of the compiler (based on an old GCC version). I've not yet tried to
compile it because part of the documentation is in german, and because the
compiler is not at the same level of other commercial ones).

> Thx
> Uenal Mutlu
> www.sci-worx.com
Best Regards

Dott. Ing. Pietro F. Maggi

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