Building problems

Mad Matt
Tue May 30 12:38:00 GMT 2000

Rich Pinkall-Pollei wrote:

| > configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler
| > cannot create executables.
| This question seems to come up so frequently, it should probably
| appear in the FAQ.  I only found the answer via a hit-and-miss search
| of the list archives.  Two steps: check that the links in your cross
| lib and cross include directories are correct, and edit `'
| (it's a linker script text file) GROUP list to point to the correct
| cross libc's.

Ah-ha! Thanks, I now have a sparc cross compiler. It seems to work ok as I
have now compiled a new kernel and the machine boots :)

I'm still having problems compiling glibc-2.1.3, I should probably start
pestering the relevant glibc lists, but just to check, are there any cross
compiler-specific problems that exist?

It currently fails in the locale directory in the C-ctype.c file at lines
379 and 382, and it looks like some endian flags aren't set properly. Is
this the cross-compilers fault? As the host machine is i386 and the target
is sparc...

(Output can be posted on request)

Thanks again for the help, appreciated


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