HP debugger/emulator and objcopy

Jepsen Hans Peter hans_peter_jepsen@Danfoss.com
Wed May 24 06:22:00 GMT 2000


Lucu Manai wrote:

> I'm trying to port gradually a design:
> - from an HP cross compiler/linker/debugger/emulator environment,
> - to an egcs cross compiler/linker - HP debugger/emulator environment.
> I generate an IEEE file linking together some object files.
>   - some of them are is produced with an HP m68k compiler
>     (one of them is 'foo');
>   - only one is produced with egcs-1.1.2 ( m68k-coff-gcc )
>     and converted with m68k-coff-objcopy
>     (let's call it 'goofy');
> The used linker is an HP cross linker and gave no errors.
> When I tried to download the code with an HP B1473B 
> Debugger/Emulator I
> received the following error message:
>   "ERROR (28D28) in module 'foo' code mismatch section definition: -9"
> The object 'foo' is produced with the HP m68k compiler.
> The Debugger/Emulator gives no error message, if I use the HP cross
> compiler to compile 'goofy'.
> The error message is not documented and I'm getting confused.
> Does anyone have suggestions?

As far as I remember it is very much the same problem we had. The problem
was that a wrong section definition was made for the *globals* section.

The attached patch solved the problem in our case. Excuse the extra
debugging code in the patch.


Hans Peter

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