i860 Target

Kai Ruottu karuottu@freenet.hut.fi
Fri May 19 00:39:00 GMT 2000

Sreedhar Sampath wrote:
> I was wondering if any one of you could tell me if gcc has a cross
> compiler which could compile for i860 machine.

 The current release, gcc-2.95.2 has support for 'i860-*-sysv3*'
and 'i860-*-sysv4*', which you can equalize with 'i860-*-coff'
and 'i860-*-elf', if aiming at an embedded target. So you can
build a compiler which produces i860 assembly code, either for
COFF or ELF...

 But you probably are interested in the things handling the stuff
AFTER the compiling, ie assembling and linking... Unfortunately
these are the missing/unimplemented components now. The 'binutils'
subdir will be built for 'i860-coff' or 'i860-elf', but the 'gas'
and 'ld' subdirs will not, if trying either target with recent
binutils sources.

 The 'gas/config/tc-i860.*' do exist, so in some time someone was
adding the gas-support into GNU binutils, but just "enabling" the
'i860-*-coff' or 'i860-*-elf' by adding these entries and their
binary format into 'gas/configure', will not work immediately. I
know, I tried... The 'tc-i860.c' has things which are related to
the 'aout' binary format (it needs defines from the 'aout_gnu.h'),
but then there aren't things like 'i860-*-aout' in the config

 So the 'i860-coff' and 'i860-elf' targets need someone to port
the GNU as and ld for them... Perhaps this has been (partly) done,
but the results are lurking somewhere else (than in the GNU binutils
sources). Or using GCC and GNU binutils with the native assembler
and linker on 'i860-sysv3' and 'i860-sysv4' machines has been the
only need, and that being enough, so no work done to get 'gas' and
'ld' work for i860-coff/elf...

Cheers, Kai

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