OSE and the GNU tools?

Peter Popov ppopov@redcreek.com
Thu May 18 10:45:00 GMT 2000

"Clayton, Mark" wrote:
> Hello,
> Is anyone using gcc and friends with OSE on a PowerPC?
> I need to use OSE on a FADS860/850 SAR board.  I'd rather
> not have to use Greenhill or Diab, since I already use
> gcc on Linux for a bulk of my development.

I'm not sure what OSE is, but I'm using the gnu toolchain for MPC850
(very similiar to MPC860) development (powerpc-eabi toolchain).  I'm
using gcc-2.95.2, newlib-1.8.2, and binutils- Make sure you
don't use binutils-2.9.5 because there's a serious linker bug which puts
multiple .bss variables at the same address.

The FADS860 board is buggy. Do *not* use it as a referrence hardware
design. They have left a number of pins floating, which should not be
floating.  The board works with certain cpu masks (thus, the one you'll
buy will work), but the same design won't work for you if you plan on
using the BDM port.


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