H8/300H for Linux

Syed Raza Syed.Raza@vtt.fi
Mon May 15 02:16:00 GMT 2000


I am trying H8/300H (3067 EVB) to connect with Linux PC, as its said in the 
Hitachi user manual that the CD which comes with this product contain CMON 
monitor which communicate with the GNU debugger, but i didnt found any such 
file on CD which i obtain with the development board.In GNU gdb mannual i 
found that gdb provided with a stub (/gdb/sh-stub.c) which help to 
interface between gdb and target board. Can anyone inform me where to find 
the Monitor which can communicate with gdb, and how to boot it into the 
board by using Linux as a host ( I am looking for some basic guide lines to 
start with as i am a begineer !!!
I installed crosscompiller and debuger as an h8300-hms-**)



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