[Fwd: About to build gcc-2.95.2/newlib-1.8.2 under WinNT]

Christopher Bahns chris@bahns.com
Fri May 12 19:23:00 GMT 2000

Here is a message I sent directly to Mr. Fiddes then realized I should ask
the mailing list instead. Can anyone here offer advice on what I should do?
Anyone else in a similar situation?

Christopher Bahns wrote:

> Hello Mr. Fiddes,
> I really appreciate all of this stuff you are providing regarding M68K
> development tools under WinNT. But, at the moment I want a compiler
> based on the latest stuff (doesn't really have to be the most recent,
> but reasonably recent that I feel confident that most or all bugs have
> been removed). The trouble is that I want to use the commercial version
> of Cygwin 1.0. This includes all of the nifty Unix-like utilities that I
> need, and thus do not have to find, download, build, and install all
> myself (which I would have to do with the free Cygwin B20).
> To make an already long story short, I am trying to build gcc-2.95.2,
> binutils-2.9.1, and newlib-1.8.2 under WinNT 4.0 using the Cygwin 1.0
> bash shell and related utilities (my targets are a 68306 and
> 68331/68332). I have downloaded and extracted these three archives, but
> am having trouble getting the configure scripts and build process to
> work.
> My question for you is: Can you point me in the right direction about
> how to proceed? I certainly intend to go through your tutorial on your
> website, but you say that it is outdated. Perhaps the latest releases of
> these things make it easier for me to do what I want to do. Or, perhaps
> it is all so much trouble that it is not worth it, and I should just go
> back to using Cywin B20 and your existing M68K-based tools (then of
> course I'll have to build things like man, info, emacs, etc. etc. all
> myself).
> Perhaps you are planning to do such a build yourself and make it
> available? That sure would be nice, but what you've done already free of
> charge has been so helpful.
> Thanks a lot
> Chris

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