Setting up crt0 and libs for arm-unknown-coff

Richard Earnshaw
Thu May 11 03:35:00 GMT 2000

> The board (an IXP1200 evaluation board) has a jumper which allows
> you to choose either Angel or VxWorks support from the flash ROM.
> Since we are porting our own research-OS to this board, it doesn't
> really make sense to use either Angel or VxWorks.  We are using
> the VxWorks boot loader only to pull a coff executable over an
> ethernet port.  (We chose the VxWorks boot loader over the Angel
> boot loader because it was text-based.)  This executable will
> take over the machine.  Since we have total control over the SWI
> handler, we can make it match whatever newlib uses as its default.
> So now, it seems, that I am in search of the OS/User interface
> specification the ARM newlib developers used.

I don't know about VxWorks, it probably has its own SWI values.

I believe newlib uses the Angel SWIs by default, so it should all be 
covered in the Angel documentation.


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