arm-coff-gcc function prologue w/ unsigned short parameter

Syed Raza
Wed May 10 02:30:00 GMT 2000

Hai All

I installed cross compiller and debugger for h8300-hms(for h8/3067h ). I am 
using linux PC as an host to communicate with my Hitachi board (3067h EVDB).

I am  using gcc-2.95.1, gdb-4.18, binutils-2.9, newlib-1.8.2

After following the installation steps the executable files by default is 
placed in /usr/local/bin.

As i am  new in this area, please explain me these things

HOW TO CONNECT with my Hitachi Board by using LINUX  PC as a HOST

I could not connect with my hitachi board when i use gdb which is cofugured 
for it

Looking forward for your help


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