i960 and structures

Helmut Kolb Helmut.Kolb@knapp.co.at
Thu May 4 10:11:00 GMT 2000


Anybody here with a cross gcc for i960-unknown-coff?

I am now working a looong week on a problem which drives me crazy.
Using the stated cross build with version 2.95.2, the compiler does
strange things (in my opinion) with my poor little structures.
I defined a few of them, in a central header file, as i have a few
kb dual port ram on my card (intellicon nt960), and share these
structures with a pc application (over the dpr). now i have 
encountered, that i am not able to make these structures the same size.
The pc side of these structures has the size and alignment, which i want,
specifying some "pragma pack" or some "attributes". But the i960 side
_always_ alligns on 16 byte boundarys.
Has anyone made a one byte alignment with an i960 gcc?
Why does'nt it work for me?

My config here is:
Debian GNU/Linux 2.3 with kernel 2.2.14 (RT2)
cross gcc i960-unknown-coff 2.92.2
normal gcc 2.92.2
i960 cpu working on an intellicon nt960 multiserial board (and it
works ;-) )

Helmut Kolb
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