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Christian Grebe
Fri Jun 30 02:26:00 GMT 2000

Hello John,

we are working with SH1, SH2 and recently SH3. We have downloaded precompiled
Cygnus gcc, newlib and Insight, no debugging stub though, for sh-hms (COFF)
under Windows from the Hitachi ftp site. Works fine with the SH2. Our SH2 stub
is home-brewed from an older SH1 stub.

I tried to get in the ftp site today but could not get through. We have the
release 98R2. This version does not seem to be availible any more but you should
really check yourself. Here's the address of the directory: . They _had_ a 99R1P1 release
there for the SH4 (sh-elf) that did not work with our SH3 project. Today I saw a
new DOS version of the 99R1 release for SH1-SH3. I think Insight will not be in
this package.

For a SH3 project we use the 2.95.2 gcc and 1.8.2 newlib and 5.0 Insight under
Windows that we built under Linux from source. Lots of problems with building
this tools. We gave up a build under WinNT because of problems with the Cygwin
1.1.1 environment. First tests seem to be ok with the 7708EVB. We are also
playing around with eCos in this project. Nothing running until now.

The older 98R2 compiler works flawless though with the SH1/2/3. We even have an
older 97R2 realease (same ftp source) that works fine with the SH1/2/3. Only
thing is we used O2 as the highest optimizer level.

If this is somehow helpful please stay in contact. It feels good talking to
another SH developer with similar problems since Hitachi support is poor over
here in Germany.


Christian Grebe

ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH
Beim Eberacker 3
D-35633 Lahnau
Tel: +49 6441/6 50 05-14
Fax: +49 6441/6 50 05-29

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