AW: Re: CrossCompiling 68030 Code under Windows NT/98
Tue Jun 27 00:47:00 GMT 2000

At the moment i'm using a (Commodore) AMIGA 1200 with a 68030 CPU. The  
Source will be compiled later for the following cpu types:

68020 - 68060, 603 and 604 PPC CPUs

My biggest problem is, that i haven't got any compiler on my windows  
machine and no idea where i can get one WITHOUT compiling one :)

The man-pages are really not very helpfull at this problem. But i  
think, most of the people will use gcc under linux, so it's okay, that  
there is no special part in the docu for this problem.

Marco Frischkorn

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You have to build a cross -compiler that works on Windows Nt and  
codes for 68030. But the cross-compiler can only be buid on Windows NT
What operating system u would use on 68030 machine ?
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> Greatings to all!
> I'm trying to compile 68030 Codes on my Windows NT/98 machine, but
> don't know what is needed. The CrossGCC-FAQ isn't very helpfull at  
> part. Is there a distribution where all things are done and is
> delivered with a good installation script?
> I don't want to install Linux for the gcc. No time to learn linux and
> no time to compile a compile for using as a crosscompiler.
> MfG
> Marco Frischkorn


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