Where are _modsi3.c and/or _modsi3.o?

Doug Evans dje@transmeta.com
Sat Jun 24 23:29:00 GMT 2000

Christopher Bahns writes:
 > I built binutils/gcc/newlib on my machine (Windows 98/NT, for m68k-coff
 > target), and things are basically going ok, but I'm having trouble with
 > the mod ('%') operator. I looked at the assembly language output and see
 > that it has a 'jsr __modsi3'. I check the map file and find the
 > '__modsi3' routine as follows:
 >  .text          0x00008c9c       x2e
 > /gcc-m68k/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-coff/2.95.2/libgcc.a(_modsi3.o)
 >                 0x00008c9c                __modsi3
 > I extracted the source but could not find a file that fit the '_mod*' or
 > '_mod*.*' patterns, using both the Cygwin/Unix 'find' command and
 > Microsoft Explorer's find program. I re-built the compiler and also
 > could find no such object file in the build directory. I'd like to look
 > at the source code to find out if the arguments are being passed
 > properly.

grep for modsi in gcc/config/m68k/*
Maybe the one in libsf68.asm is the one you're looking for,
but it says it's only for m68k's w/o an fpu.

 > Bonus question:
 > Is there a GCC option to generate an assembly listing without affecting
 > the build process.

It'll give you the .s file (and the .i file).  It's not a "listing"
if you wish to define that as including C though.
The files go in the same directory as the .o.

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