Where are _modsi3.c and/or _modsi3.o?

Jeff Bevis jab@applied-magic.com
Sat Jun 24 16:40:00 GMT 2000

At 06:16 PM 6/24/00 -0500, Christopher Bahns wrote:
Can anyone help on where to find the code for
the __modsi3 function?
We are having the same kinds of problems here with the powerpc cross
compiler.  Math functions are poorly (if at all) documented, I am
afraid.  If someone can point to a good reference, I would be very
grateful.  We're about to embark on the construction of a FP math
emulation library, and I honestly have no idea where to start on that
yet.  It does not appear to be part of newlib :^(  However, I
have digressed...

Bonus question:
Is there a GCC option to generate an assembly listing without
the build process. I know about the '-S' option, which generates
assembly code INSTEAD of object code (unless I'm just not using it
YES!  Here's something cut from our makefiles:

-S $(CC_OPTS) -o $(DIR_ASM)/$*.$(SUFFIX_ASM) $<
         $(AS) -X
$(AS_OPTS) -o $@ $(DIR_ASM)/$*.$(SUFFIX_ASM)

The important part you're interested in is the
"-alh=listing_file_name.  I think this should be pretty
self-explanatory with the macros not expanded, let me know if not.

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