help me ,about ARM ep7209

Stephane Dalton
Tue Jun 20 07:00:00 GMT 2000

> Hi, All
> I'm build newlib-1.8.2 on --target=arm-coff ,build gcc-2.95.2 on
> --target=arm-cpoff,host=i686-pc-cygwin32 .
> I'm use them on CIRRUS LOGIC ARM chip ep7209, 37K on chip ram,128k rom.
> I'm build a very small program(five lines), result binary image szie so
> big(200k byte).
> I use Build command:
> C:\ARM-COFF\bin\arm-coff-gcc -mcpu=arm7tdmi -IC:\arm-coff\arm-coff\include
> -Lc:\arm-coff\arm-coff\lib hello.c -o hello.coff
> C:\ARM-COFF\bin\arm-coff-objcopy -O binary hello.coff hello.bin
> Can someone help me with the make a small binary image .
	[Stephane Dalton]  
	Depens of your five lines program... if you're using printf you'll
end up using lots of functions inside libc... did you take a look at the
stripped object file, cause if there's an offset between 0 and the beginning
address of you program I think the default behavior of objcopy is to fill it
with zeros. Just open the .bin with an hex editor to make sure it is not the

	Send your program to this list it will help for sure to understand
your problem
> Thanks a lot
> wangshirui

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