i386 soft float patch for gcc

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Fri Jun 9 07:49:00 GMT 2000

  In message < 393E7BA5.5028ED0B@OARcorp.com >you write:
  > Hi,
  > There used to be a patch to add software floating support
  > to gcc for embedded i386 targets for egcs 1.1.2. Does 
  > anyone know anything about an equivalent patch for gcc
  > 2.95.2?
I would expect you could just do something like this in the
appropriate t-blah file:

# We want fine grained libraries, so use the new code to build the
# floating point emulation libraries.
FPBIT = fp-bit.c
DPBIT = dp-bit.c

dp-bit.c: $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c
        echo '#ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN__' > dp-bit.c
        echo '#define FLOAT_BIT_ORDER_MISMATCH' >>dp-bit.c
        echo '#endif'           >> dp-bit.c
        cat $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c >> dp-bit.c

fp-bit.c: $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c
        echo '#define FLOAT' > fp-bit.c
        echo '#ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN__' >> fp-bit.c
        echo '#define FLOAT_BIT_ORDER_MISMATCH' >>fp-bit.c
        echo '#endif'           >> fp-bit.c
        cat $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c >> fp-bit.c

MULTILIB_OPTIONS = msoft-float


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