C++ problem in VxWorks.

Apostolos Manolitzas amanol@telecom.ntua.gr
Tue Jun 6 07:29:00 GMT 2000


We use VxWorks (Tornado 2.0 ) and we have problems when we try to
download C++ modules (from Ethernet) to our board (MPC860 CPU, our BSP
is based on the ads860 BSP).
The VxWorks reports:
Undefined symbol: __builtin_vec_new (binding 1 type 0)

It seems that it can not find the new() function (The symTbl.c of our
Vxworks images converts the new() function to:  "__new_o"). Or it can
create the appropriate constructor.

Note that the image of our card supports C++.
Also there is no problem when we download C modules.

Thanks for your help,

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