MPC 860

Kai Ruottu
Wed Jul 12 04:41:00 GMT 2000

Christos Lolas wrote:
> I have an ATM card with an embedded processor Motorola MPC860 running
> VxWorks. I need a cross compiler toolkit.
> How can i download my code on MPC860 (already have VxWorks image on
> flash memory) The gdb load command can do my job? (The card has an ethernet port)
> Are there any possible complications

 I'm not a VxWorks user, but here is what I have seen...

 The 'remote-vxppc.c' (probably it would be with this name) seems to be missing from
the GDB sources -- there are equivalents like 'remote-vxmips.c', 'remote-vxm68k.c' etc.
for other CPUs to serve as the model, but nobody hasn't yet taken this job for
PowerPC/VxWorks... Defining the PPC-specific packets in some header in the 'vxshare'
subdir, defining the commands to get the CPU-registers from the VxWorks/PPC - GDB-stub
etc. are the problems I remember...

 Anyway a VxWorks owner would have much better possibilities to implement these things.
Perhaps asking about the GDB-VxWorks/PPC connection in the 'comp.sys.vxworks' NG could
give more reasonable answers, the other VxWorks users probably are hooked there...

Cheers, Kai

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