General embedded development kits using gcc/gdb.

Daris Nevil
Fri Jul 7 10:40:00 GMT 2000


The vision you describe below is the driving force behind our development
at Simple Network Magic.  We see so many companies that need embedded
Internet and Network Managament, but don't have the time or $ to do
in-house development.  We provide a complete package, including compiler
binaries, a kernel and drivers already ported to the hardware, etc (you
can view at

Our drawback is because of our small size we cannot handle a wide range
of processors as you described.  We have restricted ourselves to PPC only,
and our next product will be based on the PowerQuick II.

Thanks for "the rant".

Daris Nevil

Craig Verbeck wrote:

> There are development boards for all of these systems.  The ultimate would
> be to download a zip (windows) or tar-ball (Linux) that had binary versions
> of the compiler, debugger, eCos, and maybe uC/Linux with a BSP for a
> specific development board.  Based on how much processor you have available
> (MIPS, memory size, etc.) other excellent additions would be a portable GUI
> and a TCP/IP stack.  All ready to go.  Download, install and you are ready
> to develop in a familiar environment that has been pre-converged to this
> target system.
> Here's a list of processors that I'd love to see a binary distribution of
> this "development kit" for both windows and Linux:
> 8bit: 8051/Atmel AVR
> 16bit: x86
> 32bit: PPC/CPU32(68k)/ARM/MIPS/Pentium
> I'm sure there are more.  These are the processors that I use (or would like
> to use) on a regular basis.

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