ppc-elf target supported ?

Michael Sokolov msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG
Thu Jul 6 08:55:00 GMT 2000

Zhaobin Zhu <zzhu@emc.com> wrote:

> 1) In which file does the CPU architecture specific binary reside ?
> binutils-2.9.tar.gz ?

Once again, there is *NO* CPU-specific binary, in fact there are no binaries at
all! The packages contain the *source* that can be configured for any supported
host and any supported target. If you want to target powerpc-elf, just run:

mkdir powerpc-elf-build && cd powerpc-elf-build && ../src/configure \
	--target=powerpc-elf && make && make install

You can also specify your host (did you say Solaris?) with configure --host,
but it should be determined automatically. I'm not sure what the configure
triplet for Solaris is, but it will be printed out when you run configure and
let it autodetermine the host.

You'll need to build and install several packages, see my previous response.
You can either build them separately or all at once, see the CrossGCC FAQ.

> 2) Is powerpc-elf supported in new version ?

I don't have the sources handy (in the process of changing jobs), but you can
just try it. Run configure --target=powerpc-elf, if it isn't supported, it will
scream loudly.

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