Accessing section attributes from assembly (or C)

Joseph Taylor
Wed Jul 5 09:35:00 GMT 2000

Beware.  In porting my MRI code, I found the MRI Compatibility Mode in the
linker to be somewhat of a misnomer and also misleading.  Sure, ld supports a
few MRI commands, but there are too many unsupported (or ignored) commands.  Any
significant MRI project will encounter these unsupported commands, and
work-arounds don't exist.  In my opinion, there is no MRI Compatibility Mode.

This incompatibility was probably better for me in the long run, though, because
it forced me to learn ld's native command language.  Now I use the native
command language exclusively (and happily).    :-)


And don't tell me there isn't one bit of difference between null and space,
because that's exactly how much difference there is.  :-)
   --- Larry Wall

Ola Liljedahl <> on 07/05/2000 09:16:13 AM

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Subject:  Re: Accessing section attributes from assembly (or C)

MRI == Microtec
A cross compiler tool chain for embedded systems popular enough for
gcc (or is it the binutils assembler) to actually have an mri
compatibility mode. But probably the compatibility does not stretch
long enough to handle such weird relocations.
     Ola Liljedahl

Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Christopher Bahns <> wrote:
> > "            DC.L  (tables1_size + tables2_size)\n"
> Sorry, the UNIX model of an object module, which the GNU toolchain follows
> like any other UNIX toolchain, does not allow referencing things like the sum
> of two external symbols.
> > It seems that MRI can do this, but GNU
> > (as far as I know) cannot.
> It isn't GNU that invented this limitation, it's the UNIX way of doing things,
> of which GNU is just one implementation.
> As you are making comparisons with something called "MRI", you may want to
> explain what it is you are making comparisons with. To me MRI doesn't mean
> anything other than Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It seems like you are talking
> about some other compiler/assembler/linker toolchain. What sort of toolchain
> it? Is it used by some proprietary version of UNIX, or is it a specialized
> embedded cross-toolchain, or what?
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