Gcc for powerpc configuration question

Ola Liljedahl olli@enea.se
Tue Jul 4 04:31:00 GMT 2000

I think __eabi() is for calling constructors of static objects.
It is called from main().
You probably don't need that so just implement a dummy __eabi().
But it should not be wrong to include libgcc.a on the linker
command line since gcc might have generated some other calls to
be resolved by this library. libgcc.a is a companion to the
compiler, it does not contain any public library functions.
	Ola Liljedahl

Peter Reilley wrote:
> I am trying to build a test program that will be downloaded
> into a powerpc evaluation board.   The program will run bare,
> there is no monitor in the board.   I am using gcc to compile
> the test program written in C.   I configured the tools with
> "ppc-eabi".   The link fails with a call to __eabi.   The test program
> does no I/O and so needs no libraries.
> I have successfully written an assembly program that runs in the
> board so I know that I can assemble and download OK.   I am
> using gdb to download the test program.
> I am new at writing embedded code and am wondering if the
> "ppc-eabi" configuration is correct.
> Any help greatly appreciated,
> Pete.
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