Any Tosh TX3927 developers

Gerwyn Davies
Sun Jul 30 13:11:00 GMT 2000

I've got a TX3927 development board, and I've trying to get some very
simeplw code to run on it.

I'm using Insight and GNU gdb 4.17 . I can download the code, but it will
not run. While I've been looking at this  problem, I've noticed that  both
Insight or GDB are not reading the CPU's registers correctly. For example,
register 15 ( the Processor Revision Identifier ) should have the value
0x00002244 ( according to the manual I'm reading ). This register is also
read only, an I've never had this value in that register, and GSB allows me
to write to it.

Something is wrong here.

Any ideas anyone?


Gerwyn Davies

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