Microtech m68k cc/as compatablity

Matthew Fletcher amimjf@hotmail.com
Wed Jul 26 06:41:00 GMT 2000


I am porting a load of code from the microtech cross compiler to
gcc, there seem to be more than a few holes in the documentation.

With microtech you can force the compiler to (NOT) generate pc relative 
code, i.e with absolute addresses, is there an equiverlent for gcc/as. ??

We have a fair chunk of asm startup code, which interfaces with the c code 
for stack operations etc, what registers does gcc trash when calling 
returning from calls. ??

Also when gdb disassembles code we get numbers like 47836 in the 
disassembly, where instructions would normaly appear what is going on here. 

Are there any other gcc/as spesifc issues that would cause lowlevel problems 
with our code. ??

Why dont my code work. ??  :-)


Matthew J Fletcher
Serck Controls Ltd.

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