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Sat Jul 22 12:49:00 GMT 2000

I think our sites are very compatible and I have a way we can 
both profit from that.

I am suggesting that you would become a Commodities Uncovered 
Partner.  We would pay you a fee for linking to our website 
(on a monthly basis).  Before I get into that, let me explain 
who I am and what I do (otherwise what I suggest will not make 
sense)...and then later in the email I will suggest how we can 
work together and both profit from that.

I wil try to make it short... We have a site called 
"Commodities Uncovered".  At that website we have lots of tips, 
techniques, resource lists, free newsletter, etc. to help 
option traders ( ).  We also sell a 
course with a book  titled "The Power of Options".  It is a home 
study course with chat sessions, hands on trading, e-book, email 
support, managing risk, and more.  We guarantee profits (including 
the cost of our membership) following the trades outlined in our 
monthly charting updates or their money back. All of the 
techniques and strategies in the course have been tried and 
proven by myself, Charles Fazzio. 

I have seen many of the commodity courses and books ranging in 
prices from $25 to $1,000...and I must say it makes me angry to 
see some of the garbage these "get rich quick" artsits are peddling.

Now, don't get me wrong.  There are ways to make some serious money
in the futures industry.  But these "get rich quick" con artists
only have a theoretical approach and no clue what the "real world"
techniques are.  I know they don't.  I have personally followed
some of the biggest names in the industry and their track records
are pathetic.  They make all their money by selling useless advice
to unsuspecting people who want to take advantage of an exciting
and confusing medium.  

Our entire membership, including the course and book are provided 
100% online.  It is an all inclusive membership covering everything 
about options but most importantly how to position yourself in
markets with great profit potential.  A detailed list of all the 
benefits of our membership can be found at  

Commodities Uncovered has been a huge success among our members.
Because of this, we introduced a referral program called the Associates 
Program.  Basically, without getting into a lot of detail, you get 
paid for linking to our site.  For high traffic sites, your referral
fee's can be $3,500 or more!

Here is how it works.  We assign you a special URL that tracks the 
visitors who link from your website to ours.  For every one of your 
visitors that links to Commodities Uncovered and buys our course
(it sells for $177)...we give you a $35 "referral fee" (paid monthly).
You share in the profits by linking to our a $35 
"referral fee" per membership, it doesn't take very many sales to 
get a $1000 referral check every month.  We take care of charging 
the credit cards and providing any customer service necessary...all
you do is simply place a link to a special URL we provide you.

Just to clarify this; by simply placing a link on your site to our 
website (whether it be a simple text link, a banner, or a simple 
link on your "other interesting links" page, you get paid a $35
referral fee for every membership sold...every month.  There are a few
ways to earn referral fees - through banner or text links from your 
site to could mention us in a newsleter you may have... your customer database (if you have one) and mention our site 
as a good resource (all using the special URL we assign you so you 
can earn referral fees).  You can do whatever you wish (however,
posting our banner at your site is the most common way).

What do you have to lose...try it for 1 month and see what kind of 
referral fees you can earn.  If you don't like the return, cancel
our agreement...but I am sure that the return will be well worth
your while (you will be astonished by the click through
percentages we get from our banners -- average is 10% and it 
has been as high a 23% for targeted sites.

Because our server tracks evrything, you also get assigned a special
website that you can visit at anytime to display exactly how many
people have visited Commodities Uncovered through your link and how 
many have ordered (so you can see wat you are earning at anytime).
And if your site ges over 10,000 unique visitors a month, we would
add you to the recipient list on our automated order server so you
would get a copy of each order via email moments after the customer 
has completed the order form (so you an track your earnings easily).

I don't want to take up your time by explaining all the details in 
a really long email...this one is long enough as it is.  You can 
check out all the details at  
There is also a form there to sign up for the Associates Program
if you choose.  It is fully automated so you can get set up
within a few minutes and be earning referral fees by tonight!

The webpage address I just gave you will explain everything.
I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  This is a perfect 
opportunity for your company (and ours) to incease its profits
with very little work.

I look forward to hearing from you.  After you have visited the website
explaining everything and you have any questions, feel free to email me 
or call me directly at 504.269.9009.

Charles Fazzio
Comodities Uncovered 

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