Avoid 'multiple definition' error during linking?

Christopher Bahns chris@bahns.com
Mon Jul 17 14:06:00 GMT 2000

Do you suppose this is why I'm having my size problems? I had some posts a few days ago about the 14% increase in my program's size when going from
Microtec Research's (MRI) M68K compiler to GNU's. This increase put me over the limit in my flash memory and now we may have to do something funky to get
the program to work under GNU. Maybe in the end the size increase with GNU will actually prevent us from converting over to it, which would be a bit

I don't know if I'm pulling in unused functions from object files that have at least one function that I am using, but now I suspect I might be (perhaps
MRI's engineers just did a better job of optimizing their code.....).


bgat@open-widgets.com wrote:

> Chaz:
> > Hope that explained it well enough...
> Indeed it did.
> This sounds like a huge opportunity for a future enhancement to ld, particularly given GNU's growing popularity in memory-constrained embedded systems.
> Thanks!
> b.g.
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> Bill Gatliff
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