Building a Cross Compiler On Windows
Fri Jul 7 12:48:00 GMT 2000


What I eventually want to do is have a gcc cross compiler for Power PC code
from a PC envirionment.

I have dowloaded and ran the setup.exe from and now have Cygwin1.1.0 installed on
my NT system.  I created a hello.C program compiled it using gcc and ran
the a.exe program.  Works fine. I now have gcc for NT on my box.

I've figured out that I now want to download the source for binutils, gcc,
glibc or newlibc, and gdb and compile them under the Cygwin environment
using the gcc compiler. To keep things simple, I decided to use the example
from and follow it word for
word.  So I'm building a Sun Solaris cross compiler for now just to get the
hang of things.

My env vars are:

I ran the configure tool for binutils, ran "make all install" and it looks
like the binutils built just fine.  At least I see a cygwin/bar directory
with /bin /include, & /lib where not there before I ran the make.

I then ran the configure tool for gcc, then "make all install". It looks
like this created /cygwin/m68k-coff  with a bin and lib directory.  I was
expecting to see gcc.exe in the /bin directory but I don't. It doesn't look
like it exists under my /bar directory anywhere.  What's going on here? Is
this expected?

Also, could someone tell me where I can download the source for glibc?
I've not been able to find it. I found the other three but not the glibc,
I'm sure it's staring me in the face but the stars are in my eyes.

Thanks much.


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