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Zhaobin Zhu zzhu@emc.com
Thu Jul 6 07:47:00 GMT 2000


I am new to gcc. I need to install gcc-ppc compiler on Sun solaris.
I've read CrossGCC FAQ but still don't know among the pieces needed

GCC 2.95.2, file gcc-2.95.2.tar.gz
GAS 2.9.1/GLD 2.9.1/binutils 2.9.1, file binutils-2.9.tar.gz
GDB 4.17, file gdb-4.17.tar.gz
GLIBC 2.0.6, file glibc-2.0.6.tar.gz
Newlib 1.8.2

which one is powerpc specific, i.e., for output of ppc obj ?

Anybody can elaborate on this and provide a step-by-step
instruction on installaing gcc-ppc cross-compiler on
Solaris ?


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