sh-elf behavior

Sathish Vasudevaiah
Wed Jul 5 21:41:00 GMT 2000

I have built a sh-elf cross-compiler with the 

 I also have access to the Cygnus GnuPro-99r1 
 sh-elf cross compiler. 

 Now I seem to have two problems ... 

 - With the following piece of code, gnupro 
 compiler gives no errors, but the egcs compiler 
 gave the 'strcmp function implicitly declared' error and 

 void f() 
 int n; 

 Gnupro compiler seem to include the C header files 
 implicitly whereas the egcs compiler doesn't. If i 
 add the "#include <string.h>" the error goes away. 
 However I need to work with a large source base built 
 for gnupro compiler and hence the problem. 

 - second problem is that the gnupro compiler is including 
 the c library eventhough the following options are 
 specified for the linker: 

 -nostartfiles -nodefaultlibs -nostdlib 

 I didn't specify -nostdinc to preprocessor because the 
 source base needs standard header files but not the 
 standard libraries. 

 How can I control these two behaviors ? 



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