Inexpensive development board for mpc860.

Andre Rodrigues da Silva
Wed Aug 16 12:49:00 GMT 2000


    I thing you would like to look at
    They have a +/- 8k board (IPEngine) that seems to be very atractive.



Wojtek Zielinski wrote:

> Hello,
> First - sorry for out of topic mail.
> Do you know about relatively inexpensive hardware for mpc860 or mpc850?
> I want to evaluate/learn this hardware by myself, I cannot buy it
> through
> my company because it is out of its interest. I am very interested in
> this
> microprocessor and its capabilities. But when I searched through the
> web, I only found  the very expensive h/w from companies
> like EST or Cogent for about 5k$ what is out of my financial capability.
> I know that this uC is not a toy, but
> maybe there are  less expensive products. My expectations are:
> - DIMM socket for DRAM instead on hard soldered chips
> - optionally socket for flash memory (but 4M on board is acceptable)
> - ethernet on board
> - at least 2 RS232 on board
> - all signals (control, address lines, data lines) available on sockets
> (e.g. on 3x32 headers)
> - optionally PCIMCIA
> - optionally USB
> - bdm socket (of course)
> - on board monitor
> - e2prom optionally
> - I don't need flexible configuration with mother/doughter boards
> - the socket for uC is not required
> - good h/w documentation is required
> - if the board is not brand new, it is accaptable, but must be fully
> operable
>   and documentation have to be included
> If most of the above reqs will be satisfied and price moderate I will be
> very happy.
> Thanx in advance,
> Wojtek Zielinski
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