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Christian Robl christian@qdev.de
Thu Aug 24 01:39:00 GMT 2000

Hello Stefan,

Am 24-Aug-00 schriebst Du: 
> Christian Robl wrote:
>> Btw. is it possible to change the %-notation for registers?
>> E.g. move.l %d0,%d1  -> move.l d0, d1
>> I found a define __REGISTER_PREFIX__ in lb1sf68.asm that should do the job,
>> but (un)defining this the build-process stops and says "__REGISTER_PREFIX__"
>> redefined (where is it in the gcc-source located too or can I define it with
>> a "-D" option to gcc at build-time?
> That's a bad idea, since what would distinguish register d0 from the address
> d0.
Well why not using "0x" or "$" prepending adresses and "#" for immediates, it
just has to be possible, like the syntax for A68k and other 68k-assemblers.



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