objcopy and s-record output

Art Berggreen art@acc.com
Mon Aug 7 08:59:00 GMT 2000

Ryan Bedwell wrote: 
> I'm using objcopy to convert an ELF file to s-record, and it looks like
> whenever I add a new section with a custom name -- i.e. ".start", it
> does not make it through to the output file.  I know that you can lose
> information in objcopy, but I haven't been able to locate documentation
> which says anything about custom section restrictions in s-records.  I
> can definitely see the sections set up correctly in the map file
> produced by ld (i.e. they're there in the ELF file), but the custom one
> seems to be gone in the s-record after running objcopy.
> I thought I'd ping the list to see if there is an obvious solution or
> explanation before digging in myself.

Hmm, no explicit information to help you, just a little more input.

We regularly use ld to produce COFF and ELF load files, and frequently
use objcopy to produce S-record files for other tools/utilities.  Most
of these load files have custom output sections (we use our own linker
scripts) that need to end up in the S-record file.  There isn't anything
special I can think of that we are doing that makes this work.

Any chance that the missing output sections are acquiring the "NOLOAD"
attribute like the .bss section?  Such sections don't get into the
S-record file.


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