objcopy and s-record output

Ryan Bedwell ra9407@email.sps.mot.com
Mon Aug 7 08:31:00 GMT 2000


I'm using objcopy to convert an ELF file to s-record, and it looks like
whenever I add a new section with a custom name -- i.e. ".start", it
does not make it through to the output file.  I know that you can lose
information in objcopy, but I haven't been able to locate documentation
which says anything about custom section restrictions in s-records.  I
can definitely see the sections set up correctly in the map file
produced by ld (i.e. they're there in the ELF file), but the custom one
seems to be gone in the s-record after running objcopy.

I thought I'd ping the list to see if there is an obvious solution or
explanation before digging in myself.


using powerpc-eabi gcc/binutils toolset
GCC 2.95.2
binutils 2.10

I can provide an example if it will help.


Ryan Bedwell

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