Calling convention options for SH?
Fri Aug 4 09:11:00 GMT 2000


I've scanned info gcc and ml/crossgcc, but I want to make sure I haven't exhausted all options...

I'm using the Hitachi SH-2 for a project, and I know that gcc's calling convention places some arguments in registers, and others on the stack.

What I need, however, is some way to force gcc to pass all arguments on the stack, so that I can look through a stack dump and see what was passed to whom.

One solution, I suppose, is to disable the registers that gcc passes arguments in.  But I want gcc to use these registers, just not for parameter passing.

Is there a way to get gcc to do this?  I'm willing to hack on the compiler a bit, if someone will help lead me through it--- I currently have no experience with gcc internals.

Other approaches to this "core dump"-type debugging approach are also welcome.


Bill Gatliff

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