gcc, crt0, and linker scripts...

Russ.Shaw russell@webaxs.net
Wed Aug 2 04:32:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I'm using gcc-2.95.5 configured as a cross-compiler for the
hitachi H8/300H cpu core. I'm using mandrake-7.0.

I want to use h8300-hms-gcc to generate code for my own system.

However, what does gcc use for a linker script? I need to tell
gcc about my eprom memory map etc.

I could get gcc to use my own script using -Wl,T<myscript>, but
i'll still get linker errors because the output section names
need to be compatible with the supplied crt0 start-up file.

I can't use my own startup file, because the standard C libraries
refer to symbols such as _end in crt0.o.

So what is the 'normal' procedure for configuring a cross-gcc to
custom hardware? Also, in my install, i have these linker scripts:


I don't know if gcc knows about these or not.

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