Library and linker errors

Wed Aug 2 02:27:00 GMT 2000

Hi D.Evans,

I think that will probably fix it :)

The reason i'm using ld separately from gcc is because the steps
i use are:
- in the process of completing each file, i'll do several
  compiles, with options set so that i can see the assembler
  output code with C source as comments,
- then a gnu-make is done with my own makefile that compiles
  the various files if necessary with gcc, then links them
  with ld, using my own linker script. I used ld separately
  so that i could use the linker script to specify where the
  eproms are etc.

This cross-gcc is the first time i've used gcc, and i didn't
know how to adapt the output memory map to my system. If gcc
can interpret a linker script, maybe i can make some changes...

I am compiling with -mh for the H8/300H option. The problem of
having H8/300 library files in /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib was the
cause of my last heap of errors! I fixed that by copying the
files from /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib/h8300h into this directory.
I'll see if i can make h8300-hms-gcc do this in an automated

Also, for ones own custom hardware, are these linker scripts
supposed to be of any use?:


Doug Evans wrote:
> Put -lgcc at the _end_, as in -liberty -lg -lc -lm -lgcc.
> Remember that libraries are used to resolve undefined symbols
> where they appear on the command line.  If a later library
> depends on the symbols of an earlier library, you will not get them,
> and that is what you are seeing here (-lg needs something in -lgcc,
> but -lgcc appears too soon on the command line).
> Actually, even that may not be sufficient (depending on the target).
> GCC, when it does the link, puts -lgcc -lc -lgcc at the end.
> This catches the case where libgcc references something in libc.
> Why use ld to link at all?  Why not use gcc?
> [One case where people get into particular trouble is if
> they're using multilib'd libraries.  That can happen for the h8/300h,
> I think (it's been awhile).  It may be the case that the default is
> the h8/300, and you compile with -mh.  If that's the case then you
> do NOT want the libraries in /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib, but rather
> the ones in /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib/h8300h [or some such].
> Ergo ---> just use gcc to link and let it worry about it.
> [Of course, I could be all wet here with regards to your particular
> situation.  Question:  Does /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib/h8300h exist
> on your system?]
> Russ.Shaw writes:
>  > However, i get lots of linker errors like:
>  >
>  > /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib/libg.a(strtol.o)(.text+0xfa):strtol.c:
>  >                                  undefined reference to '__umodsi3'
>  > /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib/libg.a(strtol.o)(.text+0x10a):strtol.c:
>  >                                  undefined reference to '__udivsi3'
>  > /usr/local/h8300-hms/lib/libg.a(strtol.o)(.text+0x152):strtol.c:
>  >                                  undefined reference to '__umulsi3'
>  >
>  > I can't find where __umodsi3 etc are defined. In my makefile, i'm
>  > linking ld using -lgcc -liberty -lg -lc -lm.

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