-msoft-float for mipsel-linux?

kevin kevinATgv.com.tw
Fri Sep 17 02:03:00 GMT 1999

Kai Ruottu wrote:

>  You wrote that your CPU is idt3051... Does it have a 'FPU' ?  If it
> doesn't, it could be nice to have the '-msoft-float' as the default
> or as the only choice for this target...
> [snip]
> Cheers, Kai

dear kai,

  idt3051 doesn't have a fpu (idt3081 does)

    i discover i have to add -msoft-float to both 'CFLAGS=' and
     for those 2 stage (compile & link) writing style Makefile :<

      libgcc.a with -msoft-float works ok
      now problem goes to printf of glibc
      because if i printf("%d",(int)float);
       the result is correct

     still checking....

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