win32 hosted cross compilers??

Brendan Simon
Thu Sep 16 21:33:00 GMT 1999

Larry Rau wrote:

> just for cross tools (compiler, assember, etc) what
> is better cygwin or mingw32 ?  In this case I need
> cross tools for strongarm on both Nt and win95/98.

Either should produce exactly the same output.
Mingw will be alot faster to compile.
Cygwin has the advantage of using a posix style filesystem.
I'm pretty sure you can mix the environments.  eg. You can use "bash", "make"
and other tools with the Mingw cross-compiler tools.
The cygwin compilers can use things like symbolic links where as the mingw
compilers can't.

I'm trying to stick to cygwin only so I know exactly what is going on.  It
apparently runs faster on WinNT/2000 than it does on Win95/98, though this is
probably true for any application.  I think cygwin is more stable under
WinNT/2000 as well.

Brendan Simon.

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