2 issues about SPAM on crossgcc list

Pollak Leon leonp@plris.com
Mon Sep 13 02:08:00 GMT 1999

Dear colleges,
1. At last time I receive increasing number of spam e-mails on the list. Do
you suffer from the same thing?
2. Unexpectedly I discovered that all messages I ever sent to this list are
uploaded to AltaVista search engine. I was unaware of this and didn't
undertake (and how cood I, considering subscription rules?) any antispam
protections. As a result I receive today spam mails from several sources.
	So, 2 questions in this connection:
1. Is crossgcc list maintainer checking list's content and see this, ot
he/she must be informed specifically?
2. Does somebody know how to change the situation?

Leon Pollak

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