Unsatisfied symbol sys_siglist in collect2

Dietmar P. Schindler schd@mra.man.de
Fri Sep 3 07:39:00 GMT 1999


I'd need some advice to see clearly what went wrong and for what reason.

I tried to build a m68k target cross compilation system on a HPUX 10.20
host from the source directory "gcc-2.95.1" into the separate directory
"build-gcc". The make process exited at the point of linking collect2
because the symbol sys_siglist was "Unsatisfied". I found that in
"gcc-2.95.1/gcc/config/pa/xm-pahpux.h" the macro NO_SYS_SIGLIST (which
prevents the use of sys_siglist) was defined, but the config.h in the
directory "build-gcc/gcc", which had been used during the compilation of
collect2.c, included "m68k/xm-m68k.h".
So as I understand it, collect2 is part of the cross compilation system
that runs on the HPUX host. Shouldn't therefore the configuration file
"pa/xm-pahpux.h" be used instead of "m68k/xm-m68k.h" when compiling

Thanks for taking the time to read this (and perhaps to answer).

Best regards,
Dietmar P. Schindler

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